Every effort of the living beings in this world has basically two kinds of purpose to be served. The first one is to solve the prevailing problems and next purpose is to achieve the desired well being. Although the conceptions about problems, solutions, welfare and success may vary as per the degree of the maturity of the individuals, the basic purpose of all the human efforts is the same. The wise and enlightened people have proper knowledge regarding the real problems, real solutions, real welfare and real success. The less intelligent and foolish people remain confused about these matters and often hold detrimental ideas and engage in unrealistic acts, which create more problems and suffering.

The wise method of dealing with various problems is to simplify all the complications and to strike at their root to achieve the desired result with a little effort of perfectly realistic endeavor. The foolish method of dealing with the problems is to complicate all the simple matters, to conduct elaborate investigation of the irrelevant factors and finally facing total failure. The first method of addressing the root cause is known as spirtual realism, whereas the second method of dealing with the effects or symptoms is known as materialistic empiricism. Spirit soul is the real principle in an entity, that transcends the relativity of time , space and person. Since empiricism depends upon the mundane relativity , it cannot penetrate into the field of absolute reality. Hence, empiric learning cannot provide any kind of real solution to the human problems.

The fact is that, no problem is a problem for the spiritual wisdom, whereas no solution is a solution for secular ideology. Secularism if not guided by spiritualism, it is just like a lifeless body. Unless the inhuman wickedness is completely eradicated by the help of spiritual wisdom, no welfare activity can yield any desired result. We cannot fight with the darkness of ignorance, without having the light of spiritual wisdom. The secular methods of reformation may work for the time being, just as the straightening of dog’s tail. The real solution for all the worldly problems is to eradicate human weakness and human wickedness through spiritual awareness and devotional culture.

Today the nation is confronted with endless problems like political differences, dishonesty, irreligious controversies, disease, terror, moral crisis, population explosion, uncontrolled technology, pollution, crime, rivalry, cruelty towards men and animals, corruption, falsehood, hatred, intolerance, selfishness, disintegration etc. All kinds of secular and academic methods are miserably failing in eradicating these evils. Nobleness and honesty are fastly declining in the society. The effort to cure one problem results in the creation of many more complications.

One should understand that , all these problems are the tips of the same ice-berg. It is not possible to cure them, without adopting a hostile approach to the entire issue. All these evils are the direct or indirect consequences of the downfall in the standards of righteousness, resulted due to the neglecting of the spiritual values of human life. In the absence of a clear conception about the absolute reality, the secular and academic efforts are bound to fail, just like groping in darkness. Without the augmentation of noble human values, it is not at all possible to root out the social problems. By the help of spiritual realism, all the citizens should be trained to adopt the qualities of truthfulness, dedication, austerity, tolerance, kindness, purity, simplicity, gentleness, hospitability, mercy, contentment, charity etc. This realistic process of spiritual awareness alone can solve all the worldly problems and bestow universal welfare. As long as the inhuman and unrighteous attitudes prevail in the society, all the rules, legislations, developments and welfare measures are bound to fail in bestowing peace and happiness.

Empiric rules of material science may work with the inert matter, as it obeys the cosmic rules of physical science. The similar rules and legislations of secularism do not work with the living entities , who are guided by their own emotions and propensities. Good sense of righteousness shall not prevail in the selfish heart steeped with sinful wickedness. First of all, it should be purified and enlightened by the process of spiritual reformation to secure noble results. The basic necessity for this true welfare is that, one should discard all kinds of evil associations and accept only holy company through thought, word and deed.

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