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Social reformation through Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness uplifts human beings by infusing realistic noble qualities. Material attachment degrades the human beings by increasing selfishness and misguidance.

Worthy acts are those, which solve the problems and bestow well being. Unworthy acts are those which create problems and destroy well being.

Wise and enlightened persons are fully aware of the real problems, real solutions, real welfare and real success for the entire humanity.

The intelligent method of solving the problems is to simplify all the complications and strike at the root to achieve the desired result with a single effort of absolutely realistic endeavor through spiritual wisdom.

The foolish method is to complicate all the simple matters to, conduct elaborate investigation of the irrelevant factors and finally facing failure, even after performing strenuous efforts by depending upon materialistic secularism.

Godless secularism is just like rootless tree.

No problem is a problem for spiritual realism, whereas no solution is a solution for materialistic secularism.

If character is lost, everything is lost.

Among all the worthy instructions, formation of good conduct is of utmost importance. This good conduct is generated through the propagation of righteousness, the progenitor of the righteousness is verily the Supreme Lord.

A person of evil conduct ruins himself and also thousands of others.

Honest citizens are the real assets of the nation.

Dishonest citizens are liability and calamity for the nation.

Every citizen should be honest, responsible, wise and courageous.

Spiritual realization generates noble human values, whereas atheistic materialism and immature emotionalism spread inhumanness in the society. Therefore one should not draw any conclusions by the help of little learning

One should know that, there is more happiness in giving, than in taking

Everyone should strive for the welfare of the country and of the society

The country has done so much for you, what have you done for the welfare of the society and the nation ? Server God and serve the nation with all your resources. Befriend the noble souls and help the needy people.

Whatever you dislike for yourself such things should never be directed towards others

Whatever you ardently desire for yourself should be offered to others also.

Collect righteously with hundred hands and distribute them to the deserving people with thousand hands

Let us follow the path of Universal Welfare

Let us be alert to save everyone from distress and calamities

Let there be health and happiness to all, let there be auspiciousness to all, let everyone be free from sorrow and misery

If you desire auspiciousness, always perform virtuous deeds, so also avoid evil activity to keep away from their harmful results

Truthfulness, nobility and honesty in thought, word and in deed are the minimum qualities that constitute a normal human being. Devoid of righteousness, all the two-legged animals are not human beings

Natural living is auspicious to all, while unnatural living results in suffering and destruction. Human beings should lead an eco friendly life, allegiant to the cosmic nature, to the sentient nature and to the spiritual nature, to achieve health and happiness

If every citizen is righteous, the whole country can become a heavenly abode. Even before trying to reform anyone else, all should correct themselves first and then alone should instruct others

Uphold noble human values pertaining to all the times, all the places and all the persons. So also, suppress inhumanness of all description.

All the living beings are the children of the same Supreme Lord. Those who commit violence against others are hellish brutes.

Spirit is the basis of life, existence, development, universal welfare and eternal well being. Materialism generates selfishness, degradation, deception, disparity and unrest. Spiritual awareness alone can establish Universal Welfare. Therefore, always learn and practice spiritual realism by avoiding atheism, fanaticism, materialism, pessimism and optimism.

The three kinds of developments like material affluence, academic excellence and spiritual awareness are necessary for the all round development of the body, mind and spirit

Today the country is very badly in need of sincere rulers, dedicated teachers and honest parents to prepare the younger generation as a brilliant class of dutiful and disciplined citizens of India.

Even a single child of our country should not be allowed to become characterless, antisocial or anti national. All the negative factors like violence, hatred, selfishness, ungratefulness, laziness, corruption, greed, duplicity etc are resulted due to the collective weakness and wickedness of the incompetent rulers, inefficient teachers and irresponsible parents, the children shall learn worthy character to shine like gems in the society

A ruler who cannot inspire patriotism and righteousness in the minds of the citizens is unfit to rule the country.

A ruler who cannot protect the lives and property of the innocent civilians should quit the office.

A ruler who tolerates the wickedness of the anti social elements destroys the welfare of the nation.

· A good ruler should curb wickedness at any cost and should spread honest righteousness in the entire country.

· Foolish people engage in gross selfishness, thinking their worldly belongings to be permanent. Consequently they loose their own real welfare.

Gambling, intoxication, butchery and adultery are the four fold unjust acts that ruin the society. A wise person should always keep away from the controversial acts.

Holy Company is the root cause of well-being, whereas evil association is the gateway to hell.

The population of the world is increasing day by day, whereas the number of worthy human beings is decreasing everyday. This unfortunate trend should be reversed top save the world from destruction.

The most urgent duty of all of us is to promote noble human values and to suppress wickedness through all our right and might. Those who do not subscribe to this holy mission shall face downfall with their associates.

Unless you actively support the mission of universal welfare through spiritual awareness, you cannot achieve your own progress by any other secular means. Unless you strongly condemn the unrighteous wickedness and social injustice perpetrated by brutal elements, you cannot prove your innocence by keeping mum to support the devilish designs of the wicked demons. Therefore, O brothers and sisters – arise, awake and stop not until the goal of universal welfare is achieved.

The misguided society is rushing towards doom due to the lack of spiritual guidance, just as a large ship on the surface of high sea moving directionless at the absence of a magnetic compass

Undue worldly attachment results in fear, grief, greed, illusion and downfall. Spiritual wisdom acquired through holy company bestows freedom from grief, fear and death.

First of all try to become a real human being by acquiring all auspicious divine qualities. Never become a brute or a cheat. Always adhere to eternal righteousness sanatana dharma. It will protect you forever

Godless secularism is a lifeless body

Only by offering happiness to all others, you can become happy and fearless

Holy Company and spiritual guidance are the basis of the spiritual awareness; honest devotional endeavor and grace of God are factors needed for absolute realization.

The wrong ideologies of selfish materialism, foolish atheisms and mad fanaticism are digging the grave for the humanity by spreading disbelief, pollution, violence, crime, disharmony, mistrust, enmity, frustration and downfall.

Satisfaction, happiness, fearlessness, success, bliss and friendliness are the qualities of pure spirit. You cannot purchase them from any super market of this material world

Save humanism from the clutches of demonism

The wicked thought of harming others is cropped up in the sinful hearts of misguided, uncultured, barbaric, intolerant and cunning brutes

Learn and practice the teachings of Gita and Bhagavatham in holy association to acquire absolute knowledge and to achieve eternal happiness

Those who are kind to all living beings are dear to the Supreme Lord

As the human birth is quite transitory, spiritual righteousness should be practiced from the very young age. The Supreme Lord should be worshipped with absolute affection and loving regard

Academic learning should be kept allegiant to the spiritual wisdom. More worldly intelligence is foolishness with God

Save yourself and save the motherland from the clutches of terrorism, militancy, atheism, fanaticism, corruption and deception.

Mother and Motherland, the both are superior to heavens

Every citizen should sacrifice his selfish interest for the welfare of the nation

Those who have no regard for the motherland are sinful brutes

Before claiming for your rights, discharge your relevant duties. Lead an ideal life of righteousness for the welfare of the present and future generation

The virtues like honesty, compassion, tolerance, generosity, humbleness, faith in God, austerity and brotherly regard for all the living beings are essential for all the human beings

Avoid undue optimism and baseless pessimism. Spiritual realism alone can help you to achieve real success

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Purity in thought, word and deed are essential for upliftment and well being

Without the blessing of the Supreme Lord and the saints, you cannot do any good to anybody

The purpose of human life is to have self-realization and God-realization

The ultimate goal of human life is to acquire divine love, which is the eternal wealth for all the living entities

Variegated ness is quite natural in the creation of God. But, no one should stick to antagonism on the basis of these variations

Bereft of spiritual guidance, the worldly virtues like education, technology, wealth, power, affluence etc, turn out to be a curse to the humanity, like a gem on the hood of a dangerous cobra

What is the use of living like brutes and beasts even after securing the auspicious human birth, which is a rare gift of God?

A worthy person has a generous heart to help everyone and sympathy for all the suffering beings by striving to relieve their distress

· The heart of a noble person is softer than butter, as it melts at the suffering of all others.

· Saintly persons are homogeneous in their thought, word and deed. They exhibit courage in calamity, detachment in affluence, oratory in scholarly congregation, braveness in battle, keenness for success and affinity for scriptural study

Supreme Lord is the absolute master, father, teacher, preceptor, friend, enjoyer and regulator of the entire creation. Basically every living being is an eternal servant of the Supreme Lord who is All being, All intelligence and All bliss

Real Wisdom is an outcome of holy association

Devotional service to the Supreme Lord with honest submission alone can save the living beings from the cycle of birth, death, old age, disease, sorrow, misery and rebirth

Let atheists discard their disbelief, fanatics avoid their madness, academicians become free from their pride, rulers and leaders forget their diplomacy and hypocrisy, terrorists be redeemed off their meaningless hatred, let everyone become free from misguidance, ignorance and wickedness. Faithful submission to the Supreme Lord and regular devotional performance under the guidance of noble souls sets the humanity on a right footing to achieve absolute auspiciousness and eternal bliss.

Lack of envy, absence of greed, sense control, kindness towards all the living beings, penance, celibacy, truthfulness, compassion, forgiveness and perseverance are the chief elements of righteousness. By observing these worthy qualities one attains worldly happiness and eternal bliss

According to Sri Manu – Contentment, forgiveness, mind control, non stealing, purity, sense control, discretion regarding the duty, spiritual knowledge, truthfulness and absence of anger these are the basic elements of righteousness.

For achieving progress and development one should take care of the factors like environmental purity, auspicious time, personal hygiene, purity of thought, sense control, sublimity of meditation and purity of the material ingredients.

Worldly affluence is the result of pleasant benedictions of the parents, grace of the preceptor, earnest endeavor, and one’s own fate as well as gods grace.

A person who can keep the eight fold phenomenal nature under his control can attain liberation. The eight elements of nature are – earth, water, quick development, but finally undergoes destruction with their associates and descendants. Righteousness alone can bestow sustained progress and eternal well being.

Religion connects the individual souls with the Supreme Lord and bestows eternal happiness. Half learned and misguided followers of various sects adhere to irreligion and create harm to the fellow beings. Discarding religion cannot solve irreligious controversies. Spiritual enlightenment purifies the religious ideology to save the humanity from destruction. The neglected head may cause headache and pain, the atheistic remedy of removing the head shall cause thousand fold pain and total destruction. Therefore, protect spiritual righteousness to save the society and the nation from downfall.

That human life alone is successful, which strives for the welfare of one and all through the proper use of ones energy, wealth, intelligence and speech, by leading a god conscious character.

Most of the masses lead a life of sense pleasures and ultimately lose their real well being. Thos who are wise, follow the path of spiritual welfare which may be difficult at the beginning, but finally provide permanent happiness and eternal bliss.

The real wisdom and virtue of the worthy people is to achieve permanent well being and transcendental bliss by properly utilizing the transient human birth as allegiant to Bhakti Yoga.

The mortal world is full of suffering. Every worldly activity begets poisonous fruits to torture the living beings. In such a painful world there are only two nectarine fruits in the form of holy company and the message of devotional scriptures. Those who have not tasted these two nectars are most unfortunate.

Association with loving devotees of Lord Hari is so much auspicious for the living beings that it is superior to heavenly bliss or liberation

Worldly minded people engage in elaborately planning for their future programmes; but the life span is reducing day by day, the lost days never come back, youthful span is receding. The all devouring time is always waiting to terminate the lamp of life. Those who do not endeavor to achieve spiritual success shall come to grief when the dragon of time catches them unawares

Possessing mortal body of temporary nature the one who does not endeavor to accumulate righteous virtues is quite stupid and most unfortunate

The food cooked in the morning gets decomposed in the evening. How the body formed out of that decayble food can remain permanent

Oh my mind ! Shed of the pride of your wealth, young age, followers etc. The wheel of time can tilt all of them within seconds

The divine name is the real wealth for the living beings. It is verily the conveyance for the safe travel of life from this world to the other, it is the perfect remedy for the disease of worldliness, so also it is the remedy for all the sorrow and misery of this world. Without accepting the submissive and faithful chanting of the Divine Name, how can you think yourself to be intelligent.

Eating , sleeping, defending and mating are common traits for all the creatures. Righteousness alone distinguishes men from animals. Those who lack righteousness happen to be worst than animals

The noble people spend their time in the study of an practice of divine scriptures. Whereas the foolish people spend their time in bad habits, laziness or in quarrelling with others

A wise person should speak such words which are truthful, polite, agreeable and useful for all. He should always avoid expressing his own greatness as blaming others.

Only narrow-minded foolish people discriminate between themselves and others. For the generous minded noble people, the entire world is considered as their own family.

Holy souls are those who show compassion to all the living beings, treating them as equal to themselves

If you care for progress, keep away from the six fold evils such as excessive sleep, sloth, fear, anger, laziness and procrastination.

Even in the state of poverty, a virtuous person should treat his guests by offering seat, accommodation, sweet water and pleasing words; which are easily available to one and all.

A wise person should avoid all kinds of evil association and accompany with noble and saintly persons.

A self contented person is really a rich person. The one who is discontented always desires for the worldly riches and remains ever destitute.

The race of tress exist for universal welfare; rivers supply their sweet water for the universal welfare; the cows spend their life for bestowing universal welfare; similarly the human body is also given by God for universal welfare. Thos who misuse the human life are the most unfortunate beings.

Dishonoring and torturing holy souls results in the destruction of the society. The tears fallen from the eyes of saints, preceptors and angels result in civil war, natural calamity and mass destruction.

Gambling, meat eating , liquor, adultery, hunting, stealing and prostitution are the seven kinds of major sins that should be avoided by all the wise people.

Worldly desires do not get quenched by experiencing the enjoyments. They repeatedly get increased as pouring oil into the blazing fire and finally they ruin the living beings. Therefore, one should control his senses by the good counsel and by the sacred performance of spiritual religion. The higher taste for the blissful service of the Supreme Lord alone can save a human being from the nefarious trap of sense pleasures.

Sinful ruler and sinful citizens mutually ruin each other; sinful wife ruins her husband and sinful disciple pulls down his preceptor. Therefore every one should lead a virtuous life and simultaneously save others from falling a prey to sinful tendencies.

Mere knowledge is useless without execution, so also activity performed ignorantly is a sheer waste. Knowledge and action should co-operate with each other to reap success, just as a blind man assisted by a lame one can successfully live in this world.

In an individual, the spirit self is the real entity, whereas the physical body is only an external covering. The one who misidentify the body as the self shall undergo fear everywhere. Spiritual wisdom attained through divine love alone can release the individual spirit from the worldly bondage.

A saintly person bestows fearlessness to all the living beings. Therefore he is never afraid of anyone else.

Mind is responsible for a person’s bondage and liberation. Worldly attachment of the mind results in bondage, whereas a dispassionate mind results in liberation.

By faithfully hearing the scriptural narrations from a competent devotee, a fortunate human being learns righteousness, discards evil disposition, secures knowledge, and attains liberation and God realization. Therefore every honest person should regularly hear divine narrations from holy souls.

Attachment for self-prestige is like a pig’s stool, desire for honor is like hell, vanity of greatness is intoxication. The one who discards these three kinds of evils can achieve happiness.

Youthful age, excessive wealth and power are misused due to the absence of wisdom. These four are the factors that ruin the people . Holy company alone can save the society from all these perils.

What happiness can there be for the mortal beings who are always subjected to hundreds of calamities! Foolish people vainly exhibit egoism to create additional problems. Spiritual culture of devotional performance alone can bestow permanent solace to the living entities.

Attaining the human body which is the rarest gift of God, a wise person has to conduct full fledged endeavor to achieve permanent welfare by crossing the ocean of worldliness, even before the death may terminate the human life at any moment. This human body although productive of highest result if properly utilized, yet it is quite transitory and uncertain. Therefore one should never waste the life time in worthless pursuits. One should not get entangled in insignificant material pleasures, which are available even without any effort.

The Supreme Lord is pleased upon the noble souls who show kind regard to all the living beings, remain contented in all the circumstances and keep the senses under the control of devotional intellect

Spiritual religion should be followed from the very young age. It is quite difficult to reform the corrupted mind of a person which is misguided due to evil company.

Neither any worldly calamity is a calamity, nor any worldly fortune is a fortune. The real calamity is to forget the Supreme Lord, the real fortune is the constant remembrance of the Lord.

If the Lord is pleased, an enemy becomes friend, poison becomes safe diet and even unrighteousness becomes real righteousness. Whereas if the lord becomes displeased all these shall become vice- versa.

One may undertake to perform austere penance, jump down from a mountain, visit all the holy places, study the scriptures, conduct sacrifices or succeed in debates; yet all these achievements cannot save him from death. It is only the grace of the Supreme Lord that can make one immortal.

Various events like drowning in water, fire accident, poison, weapon, hunger disease, falling down etc may always happen to terminate the life of living beings. Possessing such a transitory mortal body the one who does not try to achieve permanent welfare is quite stupid and unfortunate.

Knowing this temporary worldly existence just like a mirage, a honest person should associate with holy souls to attain righteousness and happiness.

The divine scriptures are capable of dispelling ignorance and doubts, by enlightening about the transcendental reality. The one who avoids the scriptural study remains blind to the reality and gets lost.

The spiritual realist is the most intelligent person, as he remains happy in this world as well as in the next world too.

A righteous person offers charity to the deserving people, intellect at the feet of Supreme Lord, service to the parents, faith in the words of the preceptor, food for the living beings and fodder to the cows.

The unrighteous acts of dishonoring the noble souls and glorifying the wicked people result in the three fold calamities like famine, death and fear for the citizens.

The mortal existence in this finite world lacks in happiness due to the various limitations like little longevity, little intelligence, limited resources, little fortune and many shortcomings. Happiness lies at the Feet of the Supreme, who is infinitely great, infinitely merciful, infinitely beautiful, infinitely powerful, omniscient, omnipresent and infinitely glorious. He is the source of all happiness and eternal bliss. One can reach God only through devotional cultured righteousness life through holy association.

Rivers can purify a person only after taking ablution in them whereas saints purify even the sinners just by their presence. Sun and moon can expel the darkness of the outside world, whereas the holy saints remove the darkness of the heart and illumine it with divine effulgence. A desire tree may give various gifts to those who seek for such things, whereas the saints bestow the eternal gifts of God consciousness and spiritual wisdom to one and all, even without asking for the same. Therefore, nothing else is as beneficial to the humanity like a noble saint.

The six types of striking features of the Kaliyuga is that – donors are lacking in richness, whereas rich people are misers, sinful people happen to live long, whereas virtuous people are shirt lived, the rulers happen to be low caste, whereas the high caste people are compelled to work as servants.

One should treat the mother, father, preceptor and guests with great reverence.

A preceptor, a relative a father, a mother, an angel etc , can not be of any real worth if they cannot save their subordinates from the clutches of mortality through spiritual culture.

The glorious divine narrations are ever sung by all the liberated souls; these spiritual glories of the Supreme Lord are the medicine for the disease of worldliness, at the same time they are highly pleasing to the ears and the hearts of the surrendered souls. Those who keep away from such a blissful nectar, are the most unfortunate losers.

Charity, vows, penance, sacrifice, meditation, scriptural study, austerity and all other such virtuous deeds are only the means to attain devotion to the Supreme Lord.

As long as the heart is steeped in sinful ignorance, one does not imbibe true faith in the spiritual scriptures and in the holy preceptor. The spiritual virtue collected through many births in holy company gets strengthened and finally reach the stage of Divine Love.

Lust, anger and greed are the threefold gateway to the hell. Those who want to save themselves should avoid these three evils.

Good Conduct and noble behavior result in mutual trust, friendliness, happiness and universal peace. Bad conduct ruins the society as well as the country by spreading mistrust, quarrel, distress and unrest.

Worthy conduct is productive of longevity, wealth, fame contentment, health, happiness and eternal well being.

Bad Conduct causes enmity, disease, shortness of life, censure and endless sorrow to the human beings.

The evil qualities like cruelty, lewdness, greed, intoxication, hypocrisy, falsehood are comparable to devils which empower the vulnerable ignorant and uncultured human beings who are deprived of holy association. The foolish possessed by these wickedness inflict harm to the innocent people of the society while speedily spreading terror and injustice like a wild fire by availing the help of manpower money-power, arms, ammunitions, weapons, technology, anti-socials, anti-nationals and all other corrupted resources. Unless these tendencies are nipped in the bud, it becomes impossible to save the masses from their spell of destruction.

Cruelty against children and animals, butchery, dishonoring the elders, eve-teasing, crimes against women, falsehood, unrighteousness, racial discrimination, mutilating the nature, misappropriating other’s wealth, stealing, kidnapping, adultery, irresponsibility, carelessness towards the duty, disregarding and torturing others, corruption, bribery, madness, audacity, arrogance, intolerance, harming others all these are the outcome of bad conduct. Therefore, the aspect of character-building should be given utmost importance from the very childhood, through holy association

Every speaker of truth should conduct regular introspection about his own behavior as to whether he is acting like a beast or like a noble person

Heredity and environment are the contributory factors of character. All the children should therefore be provided with noble heredity and good environment. Good habits build good character.

Character is the governing element of life and is above genius

Good character incorporates discipline, politeness, honesty and generosity

An honest man is the noblest creation of God.

No legacy is so rich, as honesty

Great people are those who have, desire for holy company, pleasure at other’s greatness, politeness with elders, attachment for learning, aversion towards evil acts, devotion to the Supreme Lord, endeavor for self control, detachment from evil association and mission for universal welfare.

The saintly people are so kind hearted that, even by accepting self distress, they strive to dispel the suffering of others.

The glory of holy association is beyond enumeration. It removes the ignorance of the intellect, imparts truthfulness to the speech, provides nobleness, roots out sinfulness, bestows happiness to the heart, spreads the glory in all the directions and presents eternal auspiciousness.

When a fortunate person avails holy company as a result of spiritual virtue accumulated since previous births, all his ignorance, sinfulness, illusion and misguidance get dispelled and divine wisdom is integrated in his heart.

Democracy works well when honest candidates are elected as the rulers by enlightened electorates. Selfish, greedy and unscrupulous politicians taking recourse to money-power, muscle power and unfair manipulations when elected as rulers by ignorant and deluded citizens, the democracy becomes a graveyard of demons and crazies.

Avoid the negative trends like lust, anger, greed, perversion, discontentment, harshness, envy, pride, grief, attachment, prejudice and calumny.

The span of human life is so short and the time available for worthy acts is very little. If a person lives for hundred years, fifty years are spent in sleep, twenty years in young age and twenty years in old age. In the active life of ten years one has to look after the activities of earning, spending, family affairs, entertainment, security, domestic affairs, social obligations, devotional performances, construction, social service etc. Due to the all round pressure within a small duration of useful lifetime, it becomes extremely difficult to take care of ones own spiritual welfare. Therefore, it becomes imperative to select the main tasks of first priority and implement the same with utmost sincerity and seriousness. Therefore, it is said that, whatever is to be done tomorrow should be done today itself; also today’s work should be done now itself.

It is quite easy to fall down from a hill, whereas ascending to the peak is a difficult task. Similarly it is quite easy to perform wicked and destructive activities, whereas constructive and welfare activities most difficult to accomplish. Even when a person decides to achieve social welfare, he has to mobilize resources, helpers, expertise, public awareness, infrastructure, materials etc and should first of all earn appropriate eligibility to fulfill the committed task. Among millions of human beings, rarely a few alone shall come forward to dedicate themselves for the cause of universal welfare, by eschewing their own self interests. Further the obstacles for holy endeavors are so high that, seldom a social reformer succeeds in achieving the ultimate fruit of his worthy endeavor in his life time. Therefore, the welfare activities should be conducted as team work by the dedicated bond of noble souls. Whatever a previous person has achieved for the social welfare, the mission should be continued from the stage by the next successors in a methodical order to bring it to a fruitful conclusion. Then alone the gigantic tasks of universal welfare can be accomplished by the efforts of honest spiritualists.

Materialism provides information, whereas spiritualism provides knowledge. Understanding without experience is information, realization with experience is knowledge. Information is the quality of the head, whereas knowledge is the quality of heart. Understanding without realization is just like keeping a Barron cow.

Human being is a psycho-spiritual entity. Undue attention for secular progress and neglecting the higher aspects of life is quite foolish like caring for the cage and neglecting the bird. One cannot have real progress and welfare without understanding the reality of life. Absence of spiritual wisdom makes human beings equal to criminals. Even the worldly possession without spiritual guidance cannot provide peace and happiness to anyone. As the spirit soul is permanent it can derive bliss only in achieving its permanent constitutional situation. Bhakti, Bhakta and Bhagavan these three principles alone are eternal and related to each other. Everything else in this cosmic universe is temporary. Those who do not conduct enquiry about the absolute reality in association with the realized souls and under the guidance of revealed scriptures are quite hopeless and despicable. Foolish people conduct relentless pursuit to collect worldly wealth and enjoyments in the hope of achieving happiness in life. Most of the unfortunate human beings are quite ignorant about the fact that, worldly attachments are productive of constant fear, endless pain and total delusion. When the worldly things like money, power, technology, learning etc are kept under the control of spiritual wisdom, then alone they can do good to the human beings. All the seemingly great fruits of godless secularism and atheistic materialism fall into the hands of brutal criminals and destroy the humanity by spoiling the social order and spreading endless violence.

· The heart of a sinful, flattering, arrogant person cannot realize the Supreme Lord, due to its evils like stealing other’s money, harming birds and animals, telling lies and using harsh words. The one who misappropriates other’s wealth, blames holy saints, discards the worthy acts like sacrifice does not give charity, in the mind of such a evil person, Lord Krishna never dwells.

A virtuous person always strives for others’ welfare. The following are the several categories of men

1) The noblest person deems others’ welfare itself to be his welfare and helps others even by sacrificing his own interest
2) Next class of person helps others without jeopardizing his own interest
3) Third type of person helps others when it also useful for himself
4) Fourth category person thinks of his own priority, without thinking of others.
5) Still lower class of person does not hesitate to harm others for achieving his own profit.
6) Next class of person tries to harm others even without any use for himself.
7) The next class of the most fallen person strives to harm others, even by harming himself, just like human bombs.

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