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Secularism and Spiritualism

True welfare of the humanity is possible by the combined efforts of secular and spiritual aspects of human life. Secular developments provide material ingredients and worldly information, whereas spiritual developments bestow knowledge about the reality and realization of the absolute reality.

If the secularism is not assisted by spirtualism, it fails in achieving real welfare. As long a s a person is alive, he needs food, shelter, education, wealth, employment etc. When the spirit leaves the body, all that person needs is just cremation and burial. Although the individual spirit or atma can never be proved or disproved in any scientific laboratories of the world, yet that spirit alone is basis of all the existence. Godless secularism of a non-spiritual society is nothing but a lifeless body which needs just a burial ground and cremation. Just as food, medicine, education, entertainment, science and civilization have no relevance to a dead body, similarly all these factors have no relevance to a godless society. None of these amenities can do any real help to the non-spiritual society. Every worldly effort of the godless secularism for solving problems result in creating more and more problems, without being able to solve any of them. The only course available for this spiritless dogma is total destruction along with its followers. In fact , secularism is the shadow of spiritualism. The fourfold animal instincts and material information resulting in empiric logic is the domain of secularism; real knowledge and transcendental realization is the domain of spiritualism. All the information provided by secularism is relative to time, place and persons which always varies from time to time, place to place and person to person. The knowledge provided by spiritualism transcends the limitations of time, place and person, therefore it is absolute and eternally unchangeable. Spiritual literatures called as puranas provide the eternal spiritual information to the human beings. The derivation of purana is said to be “Pura api nava iti” they are the older than the oldest and simultaneously newer than the newest. Secularism provides material necessities and apparent knowledge whereas spiritualism provides real knowledge and absolute realization. The noble qualities of the pure heart are the gift of spiritual wisdom. Neglecting the spiritual aspect of human life produces clever devils who destroy the well being of the humanity. All the noble human values get rooted out in a Godless society. Every right-thinking person should strive to save the society from the clutches of atheistic secularism. The fact is that ,no, problem is a problem for spiritualism, whereas no solution is a solution for materialism.

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