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Revealed scriptures address all the living beings as the children of the Supreme Lord, and instruct them to acquire their father’s property for achieving eternal well-being. God isomnipotent,omnipresent,omniscient,all-beautiful,all-kind,all-majestic,all-being,all-intelligent and all-blissful Supreme Personality. As the children of such glorious Universal Father, all the living beings(spirit souls) should have inherited immortal and blissful divine qualities. Unfortunately, most of the living beings in the world are always distressed due to diseases, poverty,afflictions,problems,grief,fear,sorrow,misery,old-age,degradation,down-fall and death.

For the purpose of solving the worldly problems and bestowing welfare, the rulers and reformers do undertake various secular programs, as per their own intelligence. If we keenly notice the general state of affairs, the basic human problems like dissatisfaction, mistrust, ignorance, insecurity, injustice ,hatred, discrimination, misguidance, suffering etc; are not at all cured by the secular developments. The superficial welfare measures of the empiric understanding are failing to reach the root of the problems. Especially the godless-secularism is simply creating ever-new problems, without being able to solve any of them .It is quite strange that, secularists give great assurances to the humanity, which are proving to be false and hollow like eternally post-dated cheques.

Regarding the achievement of our absolute spiritual wealth, Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu explained about the exact process to Sri Sanatana Goswami, through a parable of “rich father’s poor son”. Through this story, even a layman can understand about the real welfare of the living beings as well as the method of attaining the ultimate goal of human life. The anecdote is as follows:

The story is that of a poor man who was utterly distressed due to poverty. Once a fortunate-teller came to him and observing his pitiable condition, expressed that there was no meaning in spending a destitute life, as he could easily become affluent by acquiring his father’s property. The fortunate-teller told that, his father who left that house long ago, while departing had deposited large amount of wealth within the premises of that house. With a little effort, if the wealth is acquired, that could permanently root out his poverty and make him extremely rich. The most essential factor was that poor man had to adopt proper means to acquire the wealth, since the adoption of wrong means shall create more problems and confiscate the wealth.

For the purpose of unearthing the father’s property, the poor man should dig in the different directions of the house. Digging in the right direction alone can provide the treasure, while digging in the wrong directions is productive of harmful consequences. In this regard, the fortune-teller enlightens the poor man and explains regarding the various kinds of results available by the selection of various directions. By digging in the southern side of the house, a lot of wasps and hornets would come out and create a havoc. On digging in the western side, a goblin would arise and confiscate the wealth. On digging in the northern side, a large black python would appear and swallow all of them. By digging a little in the eastern side of the house, a treasure of wealth would be easily unearthed.

The teaching of the anecdote is as follows,- Divine Love is the greatest eternal wealth for the living-beings. The fortune-teller is a God-realized person who is well-versed in the science of universal human welfare. The miserable life of mundane attachment is a destitute condition for the living beings. The holy preceptor guides the surrounded disciples to achieve the wealth of Divine Lord, by becoming free from mundane miseries. The misguided jivas should avoid evil association and accept holy company to achieve eternal well-being. Among the four sides of the house, the southern side signifies the path of Karma(elevation),western side signifies the path of Yoga(occult powers),northern side signifies the path of monism, whereas-the eastern side is synonymous with the path of pure devotion.

Digging in the eastern side symbolizes the path of devotion followed by all noble devotees of the past ages. By following this eternally established path of pure devotion, one can quickly achieve divine love, which is eternal treasure for all the jivas. As soon as the divine love is acquired, all kinds of illusion, ignorance, suffering and mundane limitations are rooted out. Divine Love verily subjugates the Supreme Lord and provides infinite bliss to the devotee. In the relation to the path of devotion Bhakti, all other performances are insignificant and useless. Therefore, those who follows the path of Karma, Jnana and Yoga are bound to fail in achieving the highest well being. The path of Karma is compared with the stings of hornets and wasps, as it entangles the living beings to the mundane sufferings of birth, death, old age, disease, rebirth etc; being unable to transcend the mundane limitations. The path of Yoga presents some occult powers and misguides a person away from the real goal of human life. The path of jnana increases the greed for liberation and causing a delusion of oneness with God, distracts the jivas and roots out their serving tendency towards the Lord, thereby terminates their spiritual mission of life, just like the swallowing up by a mighty python.

Eradicating of poverty or release from mundane sufferings are not the main fruits of divine love. Its real fruit is the achievement of eternal bliss which amounts toinfinite wealth for the jivas. The poverty automatically disappears along with the attainment of wealth. One need not do any separate effort to remove poverty. All the revealed scriptures declare that;-1)The Supreme Lord is the eternal master and the jivas souls are His eternal servants. This is known as the knowledge of relationship.2)The only means to realize God is Bhakti or pure devotional service. This is known as the main purport of all the revealed scriptures.3)The ultimate goal of human life is to acquire divine love or Krishna Prema. This is known as the quintessence or the fifth summum bonum. Those who mould their lives in accordance to these vedic teachings can transcend mundane limitations and attain the treasure of permanent well being.

Being born in the mortal world, the unfortunate human beings are crazily rushing in all directions for acquiring riches, name and fame, power, position, sense-pleasure, facilities, followers, agreeable experiences, palatable dishes, longevity etc. During the time of birth, one appears in this world with closed fists, aspiring to keep all the worldly amenities within his control. But alas! while departing from this world he keeps his fingers widely stretched to declare that, not even a needle he could take away along with him. People being intoxicated due to mundane allurements keep on hunting for worldly enjoyments just as months rushing towards the maddening form of fire. Compared to the spiritual reality, this world is just like a mirage or a dream. Only fortunate soul tries to transcend the mundane allurements by the help of holy company and devotional cultivation.

You cannot find even a single person who is happy by acquiring all kind of worldly possessions. To generalize the worldly experience of human beings, they feel a great admiration for all that they have not yet acquired. As soon as they acquire it, they feel it distasteful. This clearly proves that, nothing of this world can give real solace to the human beings. They should be used, just to satisfy our immediate needs; nothing less or more than our requirement should be accepted. If you have any intelligence still left in you, use it for the acquisition of Divine Love, the eternal treasure for the living beings.

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