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Promotion of Human Values and Spiritual awareness Towards eradicating the Child-Labor and other problems

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The entire duration of childhood of the citizens is comparable to the foundation of the human society. Ina completed building, although the foundation is not visible, yet the quality and strength of the infrastructure has a direct bearing upon the society, security, rigidity and longevity of the building. The childhood should be also known as the formative period of human life. All the physical, mental, moral and spiritual defects that creep into human system during this tender age tend to ruin life of the individuals resulting in the destruction of the society and nation. Cultured, truthful, obedient, wise and self-disciplined children shall formulate a worthy society of the nation. Cultured, truthful, obedient, wise and self-disciplined children shall formulate a worthy society of the nation. Anything contrary to this is quite undesirable and harmful to the welfare of the country. It is the prime responsibility of the parents, teachers and the rulers to provide a healthy childhood to the younger generation. Unless these guardians of the society are righteous by themselves, they cannot provide proper guidance to the children.

Among all the worthy instructions, inspiration for good conduct is known to be of foremost importance. All care should be taken towards character building by discarding all kinds of bad habits. At the absence of good conduct, all the agencies like legislature, judiciary, bureaucracy, executive, defense etc shall miserably fail in securing national welfare and suppressing wickedness. Along with the implementation of physical needs and academic intelligence, spiritual wisdom is most essential to save the society from the evils like violence, hypocrisy, cruelty, mistrust, rivalry, hatred, greed, anger, lust, envy, selfishness, harshness, intolerance and impurity. Unrealistic and unpatriotic behavior of the spiritually ignorant leaders submerges the society in an ocean of wickedness. Those who are addicted to materialism, atheism and fanaticism cannot do any real good either to themselves or to the society.

Under the guidance of worthy teachers, in a healthy environment, all the children should be trained to acquire good conduct, generosity, kindness, purity, austerity, patriotism, charity, simplicity, honesty, contentment, tolerance, responsibility, wisdom, courage and devotion. This process not only makes their lives successful, it also shall enlighten their associates. Without spreading the virtue of good conduct in the entire society, no other shot-cut means can eradicate the prevailing evils. Unless all the bricks of a building are of good quality, you cannot build a good building by bad bricks. Today’s children are tomorrow’s pathfinders. The stringent necessity is that, you cannot allow even a single child to be lazy, cunning, violent, wicked, anti-social or anti-national.

Due to the increase in selfish materialism and decrease in the spirit of patriotism, people are losing human values and becoming misguided. Even in our beloved motherland, millions are there to misguide and brainwash the children to train them as immoral, anti-social and anti-nationals. Due to the crime of neglecting our age-old cultural heritage of eternal righteousness, today we are finding crores of selfish, regardless, thoughtless, uncultured, intolerant, inhuman, cunning and wicked people. Corruption is quite rampant in most of the departments, which are expected to be virtuous and righteous. As a result of the degradation and degeneration we are seeing hundreds of crimes and calamities every day in spite of the conservation and regulation efforts by our security, legislature, judiciary, Para-military etc. Simply by boasting about some of our technical facts we can no longer befool ourselves while landing in to ever-new calamities. Atheism, fanaticism, intolerance, riots, violence, terror, deception, misappropriation, corruption etc are eating up the vitals of the society. Our country should become either an ornament of one billion gems or a garden of one billion flowers. All should see that it should not become a desert of one billion thorns, or a den of one billion beasts. If we desire to establish peace, happiness and fraternity in the country, all our citizens should adopt holy character and noble behavior.

Spiritual enlightenment roots out sinful tendency in the same manner as a lamp eradicates darkness. The spiritually enlightened society cannot commit any crime; a sit has no tendency what so ever towards forbidden acts. Because of neglecting the spiritual aspect of human life, we are facing hundreds of problems; as the present day society is steeped in sin and selfishness. Our Godless secularism is doing the work of “caring for the cage and neglecting the bird”. When the root of the tree is neglected, all other efforts to save its leaves, twigs, branches, flowers and the trunk prove to be futile exercise. For nourishing the human constituents like body, mind and the spirit, the most essential factors are material affluence, academic excellence and spiritual wisdom. This full-fledged approach alone can build a healthy society free from evils. Academic culture enhances the qualities of the head, whereas spiritual culture augments the goodness of heart.

Even after securing independence, our academic education has totally neglected the moral land and spiritual aspects of human life. Nobility and spirituality should have been the way of life for all our citizens. Absence of spiritual understanding and excessive materialistic attachment has degraded the society by manifesting selfishness, mistrust, terror, deception, rivalry, cruelty, intolerance and disharmony. Even a little of spiritual maturity can secure a hundred percent welfare of the society, whereas a hundred percent of a Godless secularism cannot achieve even one percent welfare of the society. It is nothing but the decoration of the dead body.

Towards properly bringing up of the children, the moral books say that

Lalyet Pancha Varshani Dasha Varshani Thadayet
Prapte tu Shodeshey Varshey Putrey Mitravadacharet

Young children should be looked after with a great care and affection until their age of five years. Later on, for a period of ten years they should be well disciplined under strict guidance. When they become a youth of sixteen years, they should be treated like intimate friends. The period of five to fifteen years is very crucial in the life of Human Beings. All the negative trends they learn during this age tend to cause permanent deformation of their lives to ruin the society. The audio-visual addiction that has reached every household of the nation is verily corroding the social foundation by teaching laziness, crime, terror, lewdness, greed, mischief, violence and corruption. The children who learn noble culture during this tender age are saved from all kinds of inhuman attitude. If you study the history of terrorists, militants, killers, smugglers, defaulters, deceivers and brutes, the most prominent factor revealed will be about their wicked association during childhood.

Honest citizens alone are the real assets of the nation. This honesty is a direct outcome of well trained and well guided and well-cultured childhood under noble guidance. This aspect of spiritual awareness is quite indispensable for the welfare of the society and the nation. This is the universal solution for all the worldly problems. Just on watering the root of a tree nourishes all the millions of leaves; similarly the spiritual wisdom roots out all your problems forever. Since the good olden days, the worthy rulers, the worthy rulers of our country were guided by realized souls. Lord Rama was guided by Sage Vashistha. King Sivaji was guided by saint Ramadas. Chandragupta was guided by Chanakya. The rulers who do not accept holy guidance shall degrade the society and destroy the nation.

Extracting of hard, tiresome and hazardous labor from young children and depriving them from the basic necessities like education and comfort is a crime against humanity. This problem of child labor chiefly owes its existence to the ignorance and economic weakness of the parents, so also to the greed and wickedness of the employers. For the purpose of solving this social problems the parents should be persuaded through assistance and counseling. The defaulting employers should be dealt with the enforcement of law, legislation, advice, chastisement and penalty. The best course available for solving this problem is that, the same work should be given to the nearest guardian or a relative of the child by relieving the children from their burden and to arrange for their basic education.

Apart form economic weakness, some of the parents earn money through their working children and spend it for drinking, gambling etc. The burden of undue work, misguidance, evil company, lack of education etc finally ruin the life of the working children to create law and order problems. An employer may be allowed to extract easy labour from poor children if he looks after them as his own children by providing them due nourishment and proper education. Also due care should be taken to see that the money earned by these children is not wasted by their elders in gambling, drinking etc.

A note of caution is needed to see that, eradication of child labour should not mean to make them inactive and lazy. Along with school studies, children should be encouraged to engage in various kinds of extra curricular activities, including social service, serving the parents and helping the elders, involving moderate labour in a pleasant environment. A reasonable balance should be achieved between tiresome work and inaction, so that laziness and unproductivity should not prevail in the society. The lawmakers should remember that “an idle brain is devil’s workshop”.

Some motivated people entice the parents of the working children to see that their children are never trained as labours. They instigate that their children should become only leaders and officers. If the programme of eradicating the child labour is aimed at outright converting all our children into masters, officers, managers and politicians who will be there to look after the enormous volume of labour activities that are essential for the sustenance of the nation? If all our students become qualified as postgraduates, they will demand only white-collar jobs and no one of them shall accept to do any manual labor. In fact what we need today is, cleaner minds and dirty fingernails. Those who invent unrealistic slogans and misguiding ideas shall only succeed in befooling the ignorant section of the society to bring about confusion and social unrest. No one should hesitate to do manual labour also, because work is dignity. Only one should always hesitate to do all kinds of unrighteous works. Expecting for easy work, high remuneration, and luxurious amenities all these is a result of immature thinking. Such people are prone to practice corruption and criminalization to achieve easygoing life and to become over-night millionaires.

The natural course of the events is that, there shall be fewer teachers and more students; few managers and many labours; a few rulers and more citizens; less doctors and more patients etc. If everyone becomes a teacher who will be the students? If all are politicians where they can get citizens? If all become managers, where can they get workers? As this arrangement is a natural phenomena, its implementation also should be a natural function. No one is authorized to forcibly occupy the higher positions without having due merit and expertise. The four fold categories like the teaching class, martial class, trading class and working class , these are the natural requirements for the proper functioning of the society. Their selection also should be conducted on a natural and scientific basis.

Regarding the determination of the merit of a child, the Vedic System adopts an aptitude test for the children during their first feeding ceremony and their natural inclination is ascertained. Thereafter they shall be imparted with suitable education as per their merit in Gurukula. For an effective determination of one’s merit and aptitude, a proper scientifically arranged test should be conducted upon every child of our country after the completion of minimum education. Then alone one’s inclination and merit should be declared as belonging to either teaching class, martial class, trading class or working class. These four groups are known as Brahmin, kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra. The faulty identification purely on hereditary ground should be discouraged. This is the right kind of merit determination to prevent incompetent people degrading the social standards and also to extract the best of our human resource capabilities.

Without determining the exact merit and aptitude of a youth, directing him or her towards any kind of specific career is most unscientific and amounts to a crime against the humanity, as it shall degrade the social order and efficiency. When the teachers are inefficient in the mission of teaching; the ruling class if fails in the act of righteous ruling, protection of the citizens and in arresting the anti national and anti social activities; the trading class if fails in abundant production and distribution of consumer items at reasonable rates; the serving class if fails in offering honest service to the society, such a human society shall be deprived of its progress and welfare.

Ina nay case a person lacking in necessary merit should never be appointed for a particular office. This is most essential for the social well-being. Some of our politicians strongly condemn the caste system and strive to root it out all together. Let them know that, removing the head is not the remedy for the headache. By discarding this four fold division of the society, these rulers have created hundreds of classes to divide and ruin the society. This forcible disintegration has resulted in mistrust, rivalry, greed, duplicity, discrimination and unrest. Integration of the nation can be done only through unification of the society. In that case, there are two ethical divisions such as honest people and dishonest people; other two economical divisions are the poor people and the rich people. Any other further classification of the society by the politicians is most unscientific and destructive.

It is often said that “ the law makers are the law breakers “. It sis quite funny to note that most of these champions of reformation who hate the hereditary caste system try to engage all their children in the line of politics as they know well that, it is the only industry which bestows easy name, extensive fame and huge returns beyond measure. Let them correct themselves and act reasonably. It is often seen that, many politicians when ascend to the rank of the rulers often facilitate their well-wishers, relatives, friends and supporters to reap the highest benefit of the occasion, even without the required merit and eligibility. Thos who do not follow righteousness in their own lives lose the right of pointing towards others. A righteous person alone can spread righteousness in the society. It is often seen that, in the appointment of social, academic, political and other offices often dishonesty plays a role through favoritism, corruption, selfishness, nepotism, hegemony, haste, unscrupulousness etc.

The social problem of exploiting the poor children is a result of the erosion of the human values in the society, a s direct consequence of neglecting the spiritual aspect of human life. Spiritual awareness roots out the seed of wickedness and easily establishes peace, welfare and universal brotherhood with utmost grace and goodness. Instead of wasting millions and billions in fruitless programmes, our rulers should adopt the sense of spiritual wisdom to prevail upon the society. This shall make every citizen honest, responsible, wise and brave. For achieving this magnanimous result , all our ruling section should shed off their own wickedness, selfishness and duplicity. Righteous rulers alone can spread perfect righteousness in the society. They should stop criminalizing the politics, glorifying the culprits, supporting the hypocrites, favoring atheists and helping fanatics. All the righteous, noble and saintly people should be duly honored and requested to guide the society towards spiritual righteousness and to acquire devotional love to the Supreme Lord.

A human being needs to avail food, shelter, medicine, information, education, recreation and spiritual wisdom to lead a worthy and prosperous life on earth. A proper guidance towards providing these basic amenities should always exist in the society. The procedures of law, legislature, government, security, penal code etc are needed only to regulate the miscreants and punish the defaulters. They are of no primary concern to human life. Maha Bharata says that, in the beginning of Golden age, the human beings were so much righteous that , they never had any kind of government, kingdom, rulers, police, penal code or judiciary. All were mutually helping and protecting each other and striving for mass welfare, being actuated by eternal righteousness. This is the spirit of real democracy. India is the biggest democratic country of the world. If the national situation is analyzed, one may wonder how many citizens and politicians are aware of the duties, responsibilities and commitments of real democracy that may provide all the democratic guarantees to one billion Indians!

All of us should strive to spread nobility, honesty, sanctity and spiritual wisdom in the hearts of all the one billion citizens of our country. Although the task seems to stupendous, we should know that, “ where there is a will, there is a way”. Instead of wasting our time in selfish optimism and degenerative pessimism, we should adopt a realistic course of spiritual awareness by observing nobleness in our own lives and inspiring all others. This shall work like lighting a lamp in utter darkness. Each lamp can eradicate a considerable amount of darkness as well as succeed in lighting hundreds of other lamps. Simply by developing commercial, selfish, discriminative, insincere and defective attitudes our rulers can never uplift the society. Criminalisation, corruption, misguidance, injustice, riot, violence, mistrust, etc are often a net result of defective governance. If the rulers are lacking in patriotism, how can they teach honesty to the citizens ? All should adopt right kind of action by avoiding inaction and evil action. Similarly, proper knowledge should be cultivated by avoiding ignorance and perverted knowledge. If the educated people do not possess good conduct, they shall become clever devils to ruin the society, which is conveyed by the saying

Sakshara Vipareetatvey Rakshasa Bhaved Dhruvam

All should learn Honesty and Nobility in associating with holy Persons.

The meaning of being religious is to achieve the highest excellence is the worthy human qualities, attain self realization and God realization, and also to ensure eternal welfare of all the beings like men, women, animals, birds, trees, creepers etc. When we find that, some people in the name of religion engage in violence, terror, sabotage, looting and crimes to destroy innocent lives of human beings, we can imagine their devilish down fall to the hell of unrighteousness in the name of religion. This is an example of gross irreligion and misuse of religion. As it is said that , “Little learning is Dangerous”. Our politicians think that, religion is a “Pandora’s box” which should not be opened. By such an attitude, our ignorant politicians are indirectly encouraging the irreligious wickedness. If we think on logical grounds, the real purpose of religion is to bestow universal welfare of all the living beings through devotional service to the Supreme Lord. Just a beloved mother sometimes chastises her erring children for their real welfare , religion also sometimes chastises the ignorant people to achieve their reformation. A mother can never do any harm to her children , so also religion never destroys any living entities. True religion is eternal righteousness. Anything that is unrighteous is irreligion. Thos who perpetuate violence, crime, discrimination, butchery, intolerance, hatred and vengeance are gross irreligionists. It is most unfortunate that, in the name of religion, hundreds of devilish ideologies are committing crimes against humanity and thriving in this world, being patronized by wicked rulers, uncultured leaders and wicked brutes. All such inhuman and diabolical activities are fit to be terminated by the righteous rulers. The ruler of a country should look after all the citizens just as his own children and take care of everyone’s welfare by protecting them from all kinds of dangers and calamities. Unless the spiritual righteousness is established in the minds of all the younger generation, it is not possible to achieve real welfare of the society. Simply taking care of the secular aspects and disregarding spiritual values is nothing but a foolishness of decorating a dead body. Instead of solving any problems, this type of anti-spiritual attitude shall create hundreds of national problems to ruin the entire country. In Gita and Bhagavatham we learn about the super excellent qualities of spiritually enlightened persons. Due to the mere presence of such devotees of glorious character, all their associates and the entire human society can achieve total success and permanent well being of Human Life.

Genuine spiritual wisdom should be imparted to the young children from their very young age by the help of holy personalities. This process shall make their lives brilliant, blemish less and successful. Also it prevents their downfall under the influence of selfish materialism, mad atheism and diabolical fanaticism. Accepting the philosophical doctrines, only in words and not implementing them in practice, proves the immaturity and hypocrisy of the so called jnanis. It is not enough to merely accept the goodness as view of life. One should accept all the great teachings of the spiritual science as a complete way of life. Then alone the real benefit of divine wisdom shall be avoided by the human society.

Spiritual awareness is the rot of eternal righteousness. Neglecting the spiritual values overcomes the society with ignorance and unrighteousness. Unless all the citizens are trained to be honest, responsible, wise and brave by the help of spiritual inspiration, all the welfare activities of secularism are bound to fail miserably. The material affluence and academic excellence can really help the society, only when they remain absolutely allegiant to spiritual wisdom. Then alone our temporary earthly existence can bestow us permanent success. Godless secularism and atheistic learning are nothing but a curse for the society.

Now let us try to understand the higher ideals of the spiritual process. Among the human beings, the spiritualist is an wakened person, the materialist is a sleeping and dreaming person. A waking person alone can awaken others from their sleep. Those who do not associate themselves with an enlightened person can not understand about spiritualism, just as a person traveling on a boat cannot easily understand his own movement as well as the movement of other boats. Similarly, those who are subjected to the mundane relativity of nescience can not have any idea about the absolute situation of the pure spirit. The realized souls and the revealed scriptures alone can provide the information regarding the absolute reality. For the highest welfare of the humanity, Lord Sri Chaitanya advised to chant the divine holy names in holy company by acquiring the four fold merits such as

1. Humbler than a blade of grass
2. Forbearing like a patient tree
3. Not seeking any respect for oneself
4. giving due respect to one and all

A devotee first of all possess all the best of the human qualities and yet should not have any vanity for the same. He should know himself humbler than a blade of grass. The second quality is to have utmost patience in all the situations, like a benevolent tree. The tree which gives its all belongings to the sustenance of the life on earth, never demands anything in return. Even by tolerating rain, hot sun, storm etc the tree protects others by providing shade and shelter. Even a stone-thrower is rewarded with sweet fruits ! It never asks even a glass of water when dying due to dry spell. It silently tolerates all the tortures inflicted by animals and men. A devotee should be free from all kinds of envy and retaliation like a silent tree and protect and help everyone just as a tree does. He should never cause any kind of anxiety to others and feel happiness at the welfare of others. The third quality is to remain free the desire for name and fame. Egoistic people always covet name and fame, even without having nay kind of greatness. Those who are really great never run after publicity. The fourth merit is to offer due respect to all the living beings, knowing the presence of God in the hearts of one and all. When every one is the progeny of the God, How can you commit harm to them ? Hence, the slaughterers and meat eaters have no eligibility to chant the Divine Names. These four fold merits mentioned above are capable of spreading universal welfare and eternal well being for all the living entities, when sincerely followed while chanting the Divine Names.

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