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About MVP

Council for Promotion of human Values

We endeavor to actively involve the leading classes of our society in promoting the noble human values for reforming the general masses to uphold human dignity and to effectively arrest the alarming up rise of human wickedness.

MOTTO: 1.To create spiritual awareness in the society for universal welfare
2. To root out ignorance and misconceptions to prevent social degradations
3. To provide a right direction to the misguided and frustrated human lives

IDEOLOGY: To make nobility and spirituality – a way of life. Inspiring self discipline by adopting the noble qualities like dedication, austerity, tolerance, generosity, kindness, self introspection, service and devotion as a way of practical life. Creating social awareness for achieving material affluence, academic excellence and above all spiritual wisdom by the help of constant holy association. Promoting divine environment through devotional culture to establish friendly and peaceful co-existence and to reach the final goal of self-realization and God realization.

ERADICATING THE NEGATIVE TRENDS : When nobleness is promoted under the spiritual guidance of the scriptures like Gita, Bhagavatam, Upanishads and other holy texts, the inhuman tendencies consequently get eradicated from the human hearts, just as darkness is dispelled by the presence of light. The devotional performance ‘Sadhana Bhakti’ at the very beginning roots out the nescience or self forgetfulness from the human hearts and the eight fold pure qualities of the individual spirit get manifested there. The threefold suffering of the jivas is known as the sin, the seed of the sin and the nescience. Devotional process Bhakti eradicates all these negative factors by imparting the knowledge of relationship with God, known as Sambandha Jnana. The real identification of the individual Jiva is that he is an eternal servant of the Supreme Lord. Any other recognition of jivas is nothing but misidentification. Devotional performances totally purify the human heart and bestow all auspiciousness. No other process in this world can eradicate the root of the sin.

The process of devotion should be initiated from the very tender age of childhood to prevent the cropping up of evil tendencies. The one who is bent upon harming others should thoroughly understand that, he has already got himself ruined before harming others. This is just like a matchstick that burns itself before burning others. Since all the living beings are the children of the same Universal father, all should live in amity like brothers and sisters. Those who desire for their own welfare should abstain from all types of sins and crimes. The noble qualities like penance, purity, compassion and truthfulness are the four pillars of righteousness. The fourfold evil habits such as intoxication, illicit company, butchery and gambling result in spreading unrighteousness by enhancing the demerits like pride, impurity, cruelty and falsehood. These should be avoided by one and all. Especially the leaders and the rulers of the country should be honest and righteous. The criminal act of even a single person may trigger off chain reaction to create social disturbances. Therefore, the parents, the teachers and the rulers of the country should be ever vigilant to see that even, a single child of the world is not allowed to become anti-social or anti-national. Everyone should sincerely serve God and serve the motherland.

OUR REQUEST : Among millions of animal species, the human birth is the most precious one. All the right thinking people should see that such a valuable gift of God is not misused in worthless pursuits. One should achieve success by adhering to righteous life and also should strive for other’s welfare. Kindly uphold human values, protect righteousness, adopt right path, adhere to realism and spread the message of divine wisdom by associating with holy persons. So also, suppress brutality, avoid evil path, root out ignorance, reject atheism, discard fanaticism, avoid materialism and keep away from evil company.

For further information guidance and acquaintance, the readers may kindly visit our organization and get their queries satisfied as well as get the doubts dispelled.
Nirastakuhakam satyam Param dhimahi (Bhagavata 1.1.1)

We meditate upon the Supreme reality, free from deception
yad yad acarati sresthas
tat tad evetaro janah
sa yat pramanam kurute
lokas tad anuvartate (Gita 3.21)

The common people always follow the actions of great men. The standards of life established by the leading persons are accepted and pursued by the society in general.

Holy company imparts nobleness to the human beings, while evil association results in degradation of the character. A man is therefore, known by his company.

Some of the worthy traits that build a Holy Character

Honesty , righteousness, sincerity, generosity, compassion, equanimity, endeavor, alertness, benevolence , simplicity, fraternity, fearlessness, purity, adeptness, dedication, realism, politeness, truthfulness, tolerance, self-control, unselfishness, faith in God, abnegation, friendliness, sympathy, austerity, benevolence, charity, contentment, courage, credibility, self-discipline, dutifulness, endurance, enthusiasm, forgiveness, frankness, gratitude, magnanimity, introspection, mercy, mildness, modesty, non-violence, patriotism, sanctity, restraint, hospitality, study, service, penance, nature-friendliness, kindness to animals, universal brotherhood.

Some of the evil qualities that degrade the human nature

Mistrust, violence, hatred, greed, lust, arrogance, injustice, anger, rivalry, brutality, dishonesty, intolerance, atheism, fanaticism, materialism, disregard, prejudice, lazyness, hypocrisy, pride, deception, adultery, hostility, blasphemy, butchery, timidness, corruption, vanity, envy, falsehood, ferocity, foolishness, harshness, intoxication, laxity, miserliness, misappropriation, obstinacy, opportunism, outrage, perversion, pollution, selfishness, procrastination, mutilating the nature, disowning the elders, impurity, uncivilized ness, misguidance, obstructing the good deeds, stealing, evil mindedness, misuse of religion, superstition, suspicion, cruelty.

The way to Success

Genius is not a necessity for success in life. For achieving success, one should have a keen common sense as well as a sincere commitment towards duty with an honest endeavor and utmost tenacity to reach the final goal.

Disseminating the Ideology of Manavat Vikas Parishad

Through the process of introduction, interaction, discussion, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, participation, commitment and dedication.

Implementation of this noble Culture

Through the programs of lectures, discourses, seminars, exhibitions, cultural programs, processions, melas, congregations, mass feeding, piligrimage, spiritual classes, study of Gita – Bhagavaytam, Upanishads, yoga classes, meditation , Sanskrit study, character building, health and hygiene, classes for children, devotional service, temple programs, preaching tours, social service, satsang, publications, book distribution, training camps, spiritual enlightenment, self help, self employment, cooking class, nature cure, household remedies, cottage industry, agriculture, cattle farming, non-conventional energy sources, simple living and high thinking, essay writing, elocution etc.

Qualities of a devotee

The following are the twenty eight worthy qualities of a devotee of Lord Krishna (Srimad Bhagavatam). A pure devotee is – kind hearted, non-malicious, forbearing, truthful, immaculate, equanimous, benevolent, free from lust, self controlled, polite, pure in thought, detached, desire less, temperate, peaceful, steady, surrendered to Lord Krishna, reticent, alert, profound, patient, conqueror of six fold demerits, not seeking self prestige, giver of due respect to all, adept, friendly, compassionate and spiritually enlightened.

Among these qualities, self surrender to Lord Krishna is the chief character and all others are the derivative traits

Every common citizen should be endowed with the following three qualities :

1) Duty – mindedness 2) Dedication and 3) Discipline

These can be generated by the help of honesty, responsibility, wisdom and courage under the guidance of noble association

Collect the Worthy Essence of everything

Every living being and every object of this world naturally imbibes some good qualities as well as some other bad qualities. A wise person should always collect only good qualities and reject bad ones from all that he comes across in life. This process of essence-seeking act eventually makes one great and glorious. Those who care only for others defects shall turn out to be a bundle of evils.


1) Freedom from selfish and corrupt rulers
2) Freedom from antisocial and antinational elements
3) Freedom from violence , militancy and terrorism
4) Freedom from ignorance, mistrust and disbelief
5) Freedom from superstition and misguidance
6) Freedom from falsehood and delusion
7) Freedom from atheism and fanaticism
8) Freedom from selfish optimism and foolish pessimism
9) Freedom from hatred, intolerance and injustice
10) Freedom from grief, fear and destruction
11) Freedom from pollution and impurity
12) Freedom from cruelty and prejudice
13) Freedom from crime against women
14) Freedom from negative moods and illiberal thoughts
15) Freedom from criminals, thieves and rogues
16) Freedom from uncontrolled technology
17) Freedom from wars and battles
18) Freedom from coercion, suppression and domination
19) Freedom from profanity, obscenity and immorality
20) Freedom from dishonesty and unrighteousness
21) Freedom from expression
22) Freedom to do all auspicious activities
23) Freedom for upliftment and universal welfare
24) Freedom for worthy education and uprightness
25) Freedom for holy company and worthy behaviour
26) Freedom for self realization and God realization

Every human being should know that, spiritual wisdom and self- discipline alone can bestow this full fledged freedom for the humanity. The dogmas of materialism and atheism shall simply deceive the common people by causing misguidance, problems and worldly bondage. Denial spiritualism is the denial of human welfare. Spirit is the real self. Body is not the self, mind is not the self. Caring for the spirit is caring for yourself. Neglecting the spirit is just killing yourself. Without taking due care of your real self, how long can you afford to deceive yourself and remain drowned in the ocean of mundane suffering ? Therefore, open your eyes, open up your minds and purify your hearts to adopt brotherly affection with all the living beings of the world, so also to offer absolute love to the Supreme Lord.

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